{Weekend Hike} Catawba River, NC

· Blue Skies & Perfect Temperatures ·

October 11, 2016 0 Comments

Without a doubt, my absolute favorite season here in North Carolina is Autumn.  After a long Summer season of daily temperatures rivaling that on the surface of the sun, Autumn is the blissful reward.  Blue skies and perfect temperatures.  Still warm enough for the beach, but if you crave the crisp air and changing color of the leaves, you can head to the mountains.  It’s pretty hard to beat this time of the year.

We’ve begun to settle into home again.  The house feels put back together, chores and weekly tasks are familiar again, and the lazy lounging and Netflix binge watching is starting to get a bit old.

So, the very first weekend that the temperatures dipped below 85 degrees, we decided to get out of the air conditioning and take the dogs for a nice long 8 mile hike. It was exactly what we all needed.





Clearly, Pippa and Watson enjoyed themselves thoroughly.  Pippa especially was beside herself with joy!  She was frolicking and splashing like a puppy. It was simply great. One perfect Autumn day! ♥


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