{Northern Ireland Day 5} Belfast

· A quick stop to to smell the roses ·

July 6, 2016 1 Comments

We loved Northern Ireland much more than we expected. Actually, we had no expectations, so it was a bit of a surprise!

We loved Northern Ireland much more than we expected.  Actually, we had no expectations, so it was a bit of a surprise!



We ended up spending more time in Belfast than originally planned, as we were just making a stop through on our way to the Dark Hedges and Giant’s Causeway.

After stopping for a quick lunch, we decided to stay awhile and explore.  The City Hall, Queens University of Belfast, and the Royal Botanical Garden’s were our favorite stops.


We could have spent a lot more time in the botanical garden’s as the Rose Garden was in full bloom and the Palm House was really beautiful.  The weather cooperated enough to allow us about 3 hours in total to walk around and explore the rose garden without getting wet.

We did duck into a cafe quickly to re-caffeinate ourselves and avoid a quick shower.  We ended up loving the cute cafe, which had some entertaining name choices for their Chai Lattes.




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    Ward Lape

    July 6, 2016

    This must become a book. Now or down the road……the book.