Irish Pumpkin Hot Chocolate

September 14, 2014 0 Comments
 The feeling of Autumn has finally reached us here in North Carolina!
Which means… pumpkin spice, comfort food, cozy sweaters, boots, and Hot Chocolate! 🙂
We’ve been working on finishing a few projects around here lately..
(farmhouse dining room table, painting projects, and some built in shelves I need to post)
and while pumpkin / autumn seasonal beers are pretty awesome,
it’s just not something that we want while we’re working.
Which is probably a great thing for our projects! haha
So last night while we were working on our Farmhouse table project,
I whipped us up some Irish Hot Chocolate with Pumpkin Spice!
It was just what us “big kids” needed to keep on going.
I followed my standard hot chocolate recipe,
but added some chocolate chips, bailey’s and pumpkin spice.
I combined all the ingredients into a medium sauce pan,
over medium heat,
and whisked it until warm and frothy.
I used some vegan chocolate chips for my recipe,
but any chocolate can be used.  Hersey’s minis are perfect to pop into the pot,
and I don’t know about you, but I always have some chocolate stashed away somewhere.
It’s not necessary for the recipe, but since I use almond milk,
the chocolate really makes the drink more creamy and rich.
Also, I use maple syrup to sweeten my hot chocolate,
but sugar or another alternative sweetener works fine too.
PS- This coco is good to snuggle up with as well.
I made it this morning without the Irish Cream and watched Frozen…
Do you wanna build a snowman? 😉
Seriously, just big kids! haha