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Cape Cod & Rhode Island

August 12, 2014 0 Comments
July is for family reunions.
At least is always has been for my family.
Right after 4th of July, it is time to start packing for New England,
 where my Mom’s family has some deep roots.
Rhode Island is Home in so many ways,
but mainly in the way a small Narragansett cottage
(and the large family that invade it )
can make your heart so full.  🙂
This my friends, is the very meaning of finding tranquility.
Fresh off our plane to Providence, we headed toward Cape Cod
to meet up with some other vacationing family members and enjoyed a whale watching adventure.
It was a gorgeous day and we had a lovely time of it.
Once we arrived to the cottage the weather didn’t treat us too nicely for the remainder of the trip,
but it was dry enough to enjoy the bay, the boat, and socializing outside.
I’m so happy that we were able to make it up this year and see so many people.
We enjoyed familiar sites, sounds, smells, foods, and some new ones too!
We had an epic Trivia battle “kids” vs “adults” – kids lost, but we were right at their heels! 🙂
Maybe a new tradition?  I hope so.
It was too short of a trip, but we managed to pack in a lot.
We even got a great meal in Providence before we left back to the Queen City.
We’ve been back to the grind ever since getting back to the good ol’ south.
Building shelves in our loft, finishing the pergola & patio, and finally getting around to decorating.
We celebrated 1 year in our home last week! 🙂