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Pergola | Part 2

June 4, 2014 0 Comments
Here is the semi-finished product!!! 🙂

We are so excited to be this far and only have a few things left to do:
1) Add 4 more decorative scroll end caps to surround the front corners
2) Box out the bottoms of each supporting post – for decoration
3) Stain the whole thing White!  Which is really a project in itself!
Bonus Project:  Add Curtains!! For real though.. this will happen soon!
Here is a review in pictures of our construction:
PS- look at that grass!! You might remember from March Project Madness that
we have been trying to get it growing… and it is green!  Hooray! 🙂
I think we might be ready for a Before & After update soon.


Up next… finishing the patio stones.
So close to having an outside space… relaxation is right around the corner! 😉
I can almost taste the sangria!